An ‘electric’ trip alongside the river

It can be hard work to go against the current, but on this trip it’s child’s play! ­You quite simply drive your electric car to the source of the renewable hydropower that supplies a large area with electricity. On this tour of ‘electrical history’ you pass through the pleasant village of Aurlandsvangen before following the river through a lush valley towards the vehicle turning area in Vassbygdi.

Do stop for a picnic by the riverbank on this trip. There is a lot to ponder on as one sits on the bank of a river, watching the water flow by.

Start and return:
Flåm centre

Duration of trip:
2 hours

NOK 1500

The driving route for the trip

The map shows you the route. The GPS guide in the car tells you about the marked highlights of the trip – and a lot of other interesting stuff.