eMobility provides a fun experience for you when you rent our small, quirky electric vehicles in Flåm.
We tell you stories about our area through an in-car GPS guide – the new way to travel!



It is safe and simple to drive the nifty electric cars that we have in our fleet.
We give you the training you need, before you start your journey.

Safety and insurance


Driving an electrical car is easy and care-free. They are small, quick and get around everywhere – and of course there is safety in the high seat.

Leaving no footprint


We are all responsible for protecting our vulnerable natural surroundings. We would like to develop and inspire sustainable and green alternatives in our area.

Terms and conditions


When you arrive in Flam, we, your Twizy and the beauty of the natural surroundings await you. Just remember to bring your driver’s licence and your sense of adventure – and be prepared for a tour of discovery like no other.

Contact us


Remember that you can book a car directly through our booking system. We are also available on e-mail and telephone.