When you arrive in Flåm, we, your Twizy and the beauty of the natural surroundings await you. Just remember to bring your driver’s licence and your sense of adventure – and be prepared for a tour of discovery like no other.

1. General conditions
These terms and conditions regulate the relationship between the tour operator and the client. The tour operator is eMobility AS.

2. Orders and payments
The conditions for placing orders, making payments and deposits for final payment must be agreed with eMobility. All orders are binding. As regards online transactions, the order is binding once the service has been paid for. See item 6 below on the conditions for cancelling of online orders.

3. The scope of an order
An order comprises all the services that have been agreed by eMobility AS and the client. These services are separately described for each trip or service. A specification of what the client can expect in connection with the services must be provided. If the order differs from the programme or includes additional services, this must be confirmed or agreed in writing in advance.

4. Information to the client
eMobility AS is obligated to inform the client of the rights and duties that apply between eMobility AS and the client. This shall take the form of an account of applicable conditions with which the client must be familiar. In particular, eMobility AS must inform the client that he or she is responsible for obtaining travel insurance/personal accident insurance and required travel documents. Clients from abroad need to be especially aware that different rules may apply in Norway and abroad, and must make sure to comply with the regulations that apply to services in Norway. The tour operator eMobility must make clear that he has the right to change prices in certain cases. See the section on change of prices, services etc.

The person who will drive the electric car must bring a valid driver’s licence for private vehicles. The driver’s licence will be checked when the client picks up the car. eMobility will not refund the order if the client is unable to produce a valid driver’s licence.

5. Trips
All trips and services are offered under the condition that places are available in the desired period and that the relevant road sections are open for the season.

6. Cancellation of Internet orders for individual clients
Individual clients who submit orders and payments online have the right to cancel the trip free of charge no later than 72 hours prior to the agreed time of delivery.

If the client reserves the trip less than 72 hours prior to the agreed time of delivery, the deadline for cancellation is at 18.00 on the day before the agreed day of delivery.

If the client fails to cancel within the deadlines described above and fails to attend for the start of the trip ordered, no costs will be reimbursed.

We recommend clients to obtain separate travel insurance that includes cover for cancellations. If the client falls ill to an extent that precludes him or her from undertaking the trip, the client must contact the insurance company. The insurance company will reimburse the costs, provided that the client’s policy covers cancellations.

7. Cancellations for groups and agents
If the cancellation is received less than 72 hours before the date of the trip that is booked, or if the client fails to attend for the start of the trip or fails to bring the required travel documents, eMobility AS is obligated to require payment in full for the service.

8. Change of prices, services etc.
eMobility AS reserves the right to change their prices as a result of increases in taxes and fees, increases in the prices of sub-contractors or due to unavoidable circumstances over which eMobility has no control or had no opportunity to predict.

9. The client’s obligations
The client must pay the agreed sum by the agreed date and in conformity with the conditions set by eMobility AS. The client must not cause any inconvenience to other travellers. A person who places an order for another person must assure themselves that this other person will be able to look after him- or herself during the journey. Our staff will not be able to provide special assistance to travellers who cannot look after themselves. Those who undertake the trip must be fundamentally self-reliant or travel with a companion. If the client ignores this requirement, he or she risks being refused participation with no right to compensation or refund of costs for the trip. eMobility AS may demand compensation from the client if it turns out that he or she has deliberately disregarded this requirement. The client is obligated to carry necessary travel documents. The client is personally responsible for loss of personal belongings (travel insurance).

10. The operator’s right to cancel trips
eMobility AS may cancel trips for the following reasons:

  • in case of events that are beyond eMobility’s control and that eMobility could not have foreseen at the time when the order was placed
  • in case events such as war, natural disasters, epidemics, industrial emissions or similar (force majeure) make it difficult for eMobility to undertake the trip
  • eMobility AS shall inform the client of cancellation without delay. If a trip is cancelled, the client is entitled to a full refund of the ticket price (if the ticket has been paid in advance). The client may not demand any additional forms of compensation, unless the client has suffered loss as a result of gross negligence on the part of the operator eMobility AS.

11. Complaints/deadline for complaints
Complaints regarding the services must be addressed to eMobility’s local representative immediately, otherwise the client forfeits the right to complain.  Complaints that concern matters other than the service itself must be submitted within 15 days of the client’s return home, unless special reasons indicate an extension of the deadline.

12. All rights
eMobility AS reserves the right to change prices and is not responsible for printing errors in texts, pictures and information on our website. We reserve the right to make changes subsequent to the production of printed matter, schedules etc.. We also reserve the right to make changes to prices and conditions.

These terms and conditions are regulated by, and shall be interpreted in light of, the laws of the Kingdom of Norway. The terms have been prepared in Norwegian with English translation. If conflicts should arise regarding any matter pertaining to these terms and conditions, the Norwegian language version shall prevail.